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  • Step 1: Start to customize layout, change logo and everything on your store website.

  • Step 2: Configure your domain and your store description.

  • Step 3: Setup a launch date and launch.

Sell NFT Item

  • Step 1: Get the file you wanna tokenize and go to Add New.

  • Step 2: Enter the NFT information and pick the Network (Eth - BCH - Polygon) you wanna use

  • Step 3: Publish it on the collection you choose as a fixed price or auction

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Integrations and Partnerships

Integrations and Partnerships

Frequently Asked Questions

54 s a complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a NFT business.
Create and customize your online store, publish and mint your assets on the available blockchains, and sell it to your audience.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership. Examples of NFTs include digital art, collectibles, virtual reality items, crypto domain names, ownership records for physical assets, and more.


Your NFT’s can be claimed using only your email, name and phone number. A free wallet is created for you on signup which holds your NFT.

Already have a wallet?

NFT’s can be claimed using third-party wallets, like MetaMask or Zapit

The 54 platform supports images, videos and animated GIFs. To increase your chances of being selected and endorsed by 54:

Make it unique!

Only submit original artworks of which you were the creator. Keep it G-Rated.

This is a place for Fans of all ages!

Ensure you provide high resolution images.

Images or videos that are low-resolution (or “pixelated”) are less likely to be sold.


Your NFT belongs to YOU and can be sold in the on-platform Marketplace

Transactions on most blockchain networks incur a fee, commonly referred to as “Gas”. This fee rewards the activity of the different nodes in the network for confirming your transaction.

Transactions using Ethereum mainnet incur Gas charges.

Transactions using the application’s default NFT’s (on the Polygon or BCH blockchain network) do not incur any Gas charges.

Whenever a Gas fee is charged, it is displayed in the application, so there are no surprises!


This platform is powered by 54, who provide all users with a default, free wallet on signup.

By default, your NFT is on the Polygon/BCH blockchain network and does not incur any Gas charges. You do not need any ETH to claim or trade your NFT on Polygon or BCH.

If you choose to transact using the Ethereum mainnet, Gas charges may be incurred for any transaction, payable in ETH.


When someone requests your NFT, you can choose to:

• GIVE it to them at no charge - Like a gift!

• SELL it to them, naming a price.

• Do nothing - You are not obliged to give or sell your NFT!

The platform is designed for fan engagement.

Browse the Explore tab to see who has NFT’s that interests you, and:

• Like it.

• Leave a comment.

• Send the owner a connection request.

54 helps individuals, brands and communities create actionable Non-Fungible Tokens with their digital assets.

Learn more about 54 Meta here

Just find the NFT you want, register or login and then select your payment method. If you don’t have a wallet, we provide you one. If you already have your wallet, your can change that on settings.

If you already have an asset in a Store, go to your account, then navigate to Collectibles, select the asset, edit the details and put it for sale.

Your asset will now be listed in the marketplace. You will be able to view your listed assets under Collectibles.

Create an account here:, set up your Store, then navigate to Collectibles . Add New, set all the details and descriptions and publish it.

Your funds will be shown in your Account > Earnings.

To withdraw the, click Withdraw Earning, Enter you account password and decide to which account do we transfer the money.

No, you don’t need to be a designer or developer to use 54.

Customize the look and feel of your store with the online store builder and future themes. Add features and functionality to your store with our Meta App Store.

54 is free, we just charge a Transaction fee of 2% (credit card rates ad gass fees not included) in the first sale and then 1% off every resale.

Yes, you can use your own domain name with 54.

If you have an existing domain name, you can connect it to 54 from your store’s settings.

Yes, we set all store’s by default on the Polygon blockchain.

So if you do it the way we recommend, everything is gonna be Gas-free. From creating, selling, and selling — it’s all gas-free

Sure we can, we are a bit overloaded, but if you have something really cool just let us know at [email protected]

4th of May, 2022
Billionare Giant Pushes Into NFTs as price of Ethereum, Bitcoin and others soars
Después de días de caída, hoy el precio de bitcoin se disparó un 3,5 %, el precio de Ethereum subió un 2,3 %, BNB +1,6%,
2,6 %, dogecoin un 3,1 %. Cardano ADA +4.7% 7.1%, terra 6.1%, XRP +0.6% 0.2%, solana 3.2%.
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26th of April, 2022
The Secondary Markets will be the next big thing
In February 2021, Moises Sanabria’s genesis NFT Beyond Money #1 was collected on Foundation for 1 ETH. Four months later, the work was re-listed on the secondary market.
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20th of April, 2022
World of Music: building a new kind of Music Studio through the Metaverse
In the past years, the concept of Metaverse has been getting into everyone’s mouth, even among the leaders and tech, art, sports and other big brands around the globe.
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14th of March, 2022
Elon’s advice on hold Bitcoins, Ethereum and Doge: “I won’t sell”
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices have been under pressure through most of 2022, with the bitcoin price losing almost 20% so far this year and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla continues to back his bullish bets on crypto and “physical things” as inflation pressure mounts.
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11th of March, 2022
Metaverse: an introduction to the world’s major buzzword
Currently a major buzzword in the worlds of tech, business, and finance, and like all buzzwords its definition is fuzzy, contested, and shaped by the ambitions of the people using it.
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9th of March, 2022
Billboard launch an exclusive NFT drop honoring Women in Music
World of Women and Billboard have teamed up to create an exclusive NFT drop in honor of Billboard Women in Music. The series of NFTs feature WOW founder Yam Karkai’s portraits of music icons Christina Aguilera, Madonna, and Mariah Carey gracing the cover of Billboard.
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13 de December de 2021
How to Mint an NFT on 54 NFT Using the Ethereum Network – A Step-by-Step Guide
54 NFT is the 21st Century Auction House for Rare, High-End NFT Art, Music, and Collectibles. From our platform taking 0% of artists’ work, supporting creators is our mission.
Below is the step-by-step guide to creating a non-fungible token (NFT) on 54 NFT, as well as the answers to some FAQ.
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29 de November de 2021
“Navigating web3: Staying Safe on Discord”
Discord has emerged as one of the best group chat platforms, hitting the sweet spot of features and flexibility that make decentralized organization easier. It also makes a great place for scammers to target unwary victims....
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18 de November de 2021
For beginners: check the guide to storing BCH (Bitcoin Cash Wallets)
Wallets in cryptocurrency serve the same purpose as your leather wallet: to store money. However, crypto wallets are made up of three layers of technology that help secure the digital storage of cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency’s protocol is the first layer of security...
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14 de October de 2021
Big questions I have about NFTs
In recent months we’ve seen many digital artworks tokenized and sold as NFTs, or “Non Fungible Tokens”. In layperson’s terms, this just means that the item is unique. Any one bitcoin is the same as any other bitcoin. But an NFT, in in theory, can not be replicated, and is not interchangeable with any other...
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4 de October de 2021
Twelve-year-old coder reportedly slated to earn more than $400K from NFTs
Benyamin Ahmed, a 12-year-old coder based in London, is getting a lot of attention lately thanks to the flurry of press he’s gotten for creating a collection of digital whales that are selling as NFTs. According to CNBC, Ahmed is on track to earn over $400,000 from the collection, which launched just last month...
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